Vacancies added on 17-03-2013

Vacancies added on 17-03-2013


Want to work with Hyatt hotels in UAE?

More than 40 positions are listed on the website


  • Shuchita Kapur
Published Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Hyatt hotels are hiring for various positions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Positions have opened up across different departments in their hotels – from accounts to information systems, e-commerce, engineering, sales, food & beverage, housekeeping, human resources etc. 

All the positions advertised are full time with the hotels under the Hyatt umbrella.

More than 40 positions are listed on the website – – and candidates can apply online for the job they are interested in.

The hotel chain claims to give its employee outstanding rewards and recognition. The worldwide recognition and rewards programmes will vary depending on the country. Local benefit packages will be offered for hotels outside the US.

Besides the monetary benefits, which are not disclosed, the hotel ensures that the employees and their families will have a healthy life in the hotel.

Paid time off is earned by all Hyatt employees and they are encouraged to take time away from work for vacation and holidays or to be used at a time of illness.

During time off, Hyatt employees may be eligible to enjoy complimentary or discounted Hyatt room nights.

Employees enjoy a number of discounts to include computer, mobile, recreational, home goods, clothing, dry cleaning, and memberships, it claims.

The hotel will also give its employees the opportunity to build for their future through a retirement savings plan. Employees with children, with the help of the hotel scheme, can give their children the opportunity for a college education.

Hyatt employees are also encouraged to continue their career growth, if not by completing a college course or obtaining professional certification, then by taking advantage of the internal Hyatt training curriculum.

The Hyatt Life Insurance Programme is intended to provide employees and their beneficiaries additional financial support should a death occur while actively employed by Hyatt.

However, all this may vary depending on the country the employees live in.


The Importance of Eye Contact During an Interview

Do you know what colour eyes your last interviewer had? Can you remember if they wore glasses or not? If the answer to these questions are anything but an emphatic ‘yes,’ it could be that you did not make appropriate eye contact during interview. But, why is a failure to make appropriate eye contact during a job interview in Dubai such a problem? It is vital that interviewees make appropriate eye contact throughout the interview as it could be the difference between interview success and interview failure.
Yes indeed, take the findings of a study from Winona State University, called theImportance of Eye Contact During an Interview which found that one when two candidates with equal levels of experience and qualifications are interviewed, the one who makes the most appropriate eye contact throughout the interview will be seen as more ‘competitive’ and more ‘employable’. As you can see, making appropriate eye contact during your interview in Dubai, or anywhere for that matter of fact, is crucial in showing you are the best candidate for the job.
So, since appropriate eye contact is so pivotal in finding a job, what must an interviewee do to engage in appropriate levels of eye contact during the interview?
First Impressions
Interviewers tend to make a decision about a candidate within 30 seconds of meeting them, according to a study by the University of Toledo.  This means that you must make a powerful first impression and, along with  a firm handshake and a warm smile, the third hallmark of a great introduction with your interviewer is to make appropriate eye contact, which means to maintain eye contact during the duration of the handshake. Avoiding eye contact can make you look uncertain, less confident and even a little untrustworthy.
Avoid staring
There is a difference between making sustained eye contact and staring. When you make eye contact correctly it should feel very natural and should not feel like a stare. If you hold eye contact for more than 5 seconds or so at any one time, it could feel like a stare and may make the interviewer feel awkward.
When  thinking about your answer to an interview question
When you are formulating an answer to a question, its perfectly natural and therefore a perfect time to look away from the interviewer, to give both sides some respite. You could look high and to the left or right to signify you are deep in thought or trying to recall an example for your answer. This is perfectly normal behaviour which makes you appear as if you are thinking. Avoid looking downwards, particularly when answering as it appears both submissive, evasive and can be interpreted as a lack of confidence.
When you are in the process of responding to a question or asking a question yourself
When you are  in the process of responding to a question or asking a question your self, you should be making eye contact with the interviewer. During a group interview, make sure to make eye contact with each member of the interview panel as this will engage the whole panel and create a stronger impression on the group.
Good luck with your next interview.


Rahmani-30 to hold entrance test for IIT-JEE coaching on April 14

By Staff reporter,
Patna: Rahmani-30 will hold entrance test for admission into free residential coaching program for IIT-JEE for the underprivileged Muslim students on April 14, 2013 (Sunday) at various centers in seven states.
Rahmani-30 is a free residential coaching centre run by Munger based Rahmani Foundation under the patronage of Maulana Syed Mohammad Wali Rahmani and academic mentorship of Bihar DGP Abhayanand, famous for Super 30.
Rahmani 30 selects every year Muslim Students on the basis of written test and interview/viva and imparts education and training free of cost so that Muslim students may be able to complete in this high educative society.
The written test will be held on the same date and at all the centers (list given below) from 11 am to 2 pm.
This successful batch will be prepared for the 2015 IIT-JEE program. The decision was taken in meeting with Bihar DGP Abhayanand, academic mentor of Rahmani-30 with the center and chairman Maulana Wali Rahmani in presence of other faculty members of the coaching institute.
The test will be conducted in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal), Delhi and Maharashtra (Malegaon and Aurangabad).
Eligibility for Preparation of IIT-JEE: Muslim students who are appearing for Class X examinations in 2013 are eligible for appearing in entrance exam for admission in Rahmani-30. Interested candidates will be required to apply in prescribed application form of Rahmani-30 along with two recent color photographs and photo copy of examination Admit Card / Registration Card/School Identity Card. One can get the application form from nearby centre specified free of cost. It can also be downloaded from the following website:
For more details contact on this Mobile No. 07488338261/ 09709519922
Written Test: The multiple choice question paper will consist of three parts; namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of class X syllabus IQ based multiple choice questions.

(Preparation for IIT-JEE 2015)

1. PATNA: Oriental College,
Guzri, Patna City
Principal- Ph: 0612- 2632345
2. PATNA: Al-Hira Public School, Shahganj
Professors’ Colony, Muhammadpur, Shahganj
(Near Training School), Patna – 6
Dr. Nazir Ahmad Sb. (Managing Director ) 0612-2685287
Jb. Syed Nadeem Ahmad Sb. (Coordinator) 9431432798
3. PATNA : Al- Hira Public School, Nafees Colony
Bhikna Pahari, Patna
Ph. No. 0612- 6531127
Dr. Md. Anwar Sb. – 0612- 2660644.
4. PATNA: JavedMathmatics Centre
B. M. Dass Road, (Anibesent Road), Patna.
Jb. Md. SamiullahSb, (Coordinator) Mob: 9386759227/ 9334088351
Jb. Md. Aziz Hasan Sb. Mob: 9386566665
5. PATNA: AbdusSamad Girls High School
Samanpura, Patna. Ph: 0612-2296318
Jb. Md. Mozahir Sb.(Secretary) Mob: 9431002203
6. PATNA: Najam Mission School,
Minhaj Nagar, Phulwari Sharif, Patna.
Jb. NajmulHasanNajmi Sb. (Chairman) Mob: 9835299127
7. PATNA : (Rural) C.P. Verma College
Simli, Bihta, Patna. Mob: 9430588316
Jb. ShahrozAnjum (Gauhar) Sb. Mob: 7654673767
(Secretary “RAISE”)
8. MUNGER: Rahmani Foundation Ph: 06344-224477
NawabKothi, Belan Bazar, Munger
Jb. Md. Tariq Anwer Sb. Mob: 9234911356
Jb. Md. JavedAkhtar Sb. Mob: 9546018691
9. BHAGALPLUR : Muslim Minorities College, Ph: 0641-2428895
Asanandpur, Bhagalpur,
Dr. Md. SalahuddinSb, Mob: 9430478651
10. GAYA: HadiHashmi Senior Secondary School,
SwarajPuri Road, Gaya
Jb. Md. Faiyaz Hali Sb. (President, H.H.S.School) 9835280311
Jb. Hasan Azizur Rahman Sb. (J. Secretary) Mob: 8804082389
11. AURANGABAD : Urdu Middle School
NawaDih Road, Aurangabad, Bihar
Jb. Master Syed Md. Dayem Sb. (Director) Mob: 9431068649
Mob: 9852990979
Jb. ZaheerAhsan Azad Sb. (Advocate) Mob: 9934878008
12. SASARAM (ROHTAS) : Baby Garden School,
Bait-ul- Masroor (Masroor Welfare Society)
Mohalla-Shah HaroonBartala, Sasaram, Rohtas
Jb. AetasamulHaque Sb. (Director) Mob: 9955773677
Jb. Khalid Eqbal sb. (Cashier M.W.F.Society) Ph: 0618-4224252
Dehri – on-Son, Rohtas
Jb. Tauqueer Kibria Sb. Mob: 9708218210
14. ARA (BHOJPUR): MadarsaWahidya
TariMohalla, Near Town High School,
GopaliChowk, Ara. (Distt.Bhojpur)
Jb. Md. Sairuddin Sb. Mob: 9934924654
Jb Md. Qutubuddin Sb. Mob: 9234709432
15.NALANDA : A. R. Academy
KaghziMohalla, Bihar Sharif
Jb. Md. Khalid Sb. (Director) Mob: 9431350219
16.NAWADA: Shatabdi Public School
Equebal Colony, Near New Ansar Nagar, Nawada
Jb. ZainulAbedin Sb. (Principal) Mob: 9304007004
Jb. EnayetullahQuasmi Sb. Mob: 9006481810
(Office Secretary, Majlis-e-ulma Waimatul Masajid, Dist- Nawada)
17.BEGUSARAI : M. Akhtar Memorial Acedmy
(Near- MadarsaBadrul Islam)
MungeriGanj, Begusarai
Jb. Wasi-ul- HaqueRahmani Sb. Mob: 9934863091
18.KISHANGANJ : Crescent Public School
Sir syed Nagar, Kishanganj
Jb. GhulamShahid Sb. (Director) Mob: 9431466799
Jb. Md. Aslam Sb. Mob: 8986410405
Jb. AsifSarwar Sb. Mob: 9430467700
19.KATIHAR: Katihar Medical College, Katihar.
Jb. AasimZafar Sb. Ph: 06452-239202 / 239204
Jb. Md. Parwez Shams Sb. Ph: 06452-239207
20.PURNEA: MadarsaAnjumanIslamia
KhazanchiHatt ,Purnea
Maulana AbdulQaiyum Sb. Mob: 9934667827
21.ARARIA : Azad Academy, Higher Secondary School, Araria.
Jb. Manzer Ansari Sb. Mob: 9973089531
22. SUPAUL: Mahila Technical Centre, Supaul.
Jb. Abu Zafar Sb. Mob: 9431497779
Jb. MaulanaWasi Ahmed Rahmani Sb. Mob: 9430695940
23. SAHARSA: Madarsa Amjadia ,Ph: 06478-223526
Mirtola, Bangaon Road, Saharsa
Dr. AbulKalam Sb. Ph: 06478-223367
Jb. Md. Anwar Alam Sb. Mob: 9135521588
Jb. Manzoor Alam Sb. Mob : 9430695419
24. DARBHANGA: Dr. ZakirHussain Training College,
DarbhangaPh: 06272-233441
Dr. Mozammil Hasan Arzoo Sb. (Principal) Mob: 9431414656
Dr. Manzar Suleman Sb. Mob: 9430641098
Jb. Itaza Ahmed Sb. Mob: 9973454836
25. TAJPUR : Doctor Taha Memorial Academy
(Near Dr. L. K. V. D. College)
TajpurCollege Road,
Tajpur, Distt. Samastipur
Dr. Bashir Ahmad Sb. (Director) Mob: 9709503690
Jb. Jahangir Ahmad Sb. Mob: 9934642970
26. MADHUBANI : National Institute of Fire & Safety Management (NIFS)
R. K. College Road, Sapta, Madhubani
Pin code: 847211
Jb. Md. SaheenAkhtar Sb. Mob: 9771592956
Mob: 9572224786
27. MUZAFFARPUR : Central Public School
Sadpura, Muzaffarpur
Dr. Monaziruddin Sb. Mob: 9334039422
Jb. EjazAlam Sb.(Principal) Mob: 9973856485
28. BETIAH : Alflah School
NayaTola, Betiah (West Champaran) Mob: 9304529282
Jb. Md. Irshad Alam Sb.(Director) Mob: 8539900711
Dr. Md. ArifAlam Sb. (Principal) Mob: 9852436776
29. MOTIHARI : Iqra Public School
MatthiaZerat, Motihari (East Champaran)
JbHasanShahidSahab (Director) Mob: 7739426556
JbKhurshid Imam Sb.(Principal) Mob: 9430255446
30. SIWAN : Z. A. Islamia College, Siwan
Jb. Zafar Ahmad Ghani Sb. Mob: 9431407779
31. RANCHI: Sajjad Computer Training &Guidence Centre
2K/3 Baryatu Housing Colony, Post R.M.C.C
Near D.A.V School, Baryatu, Ranchi
Prof. Ahmad Sajjad Sb. Mob: 9431359971
Er. Tarique Sajjad Sb. Mob: 9431171130
32. JAMSHEDPUR : M.O. Academy, Zakir Nagar
Post. Azad Nagar, Jamshedpur
Jb. Syed Raza Abbas Rizvi , (Chabban Sb.) Mob: 9934500400
Jb. RumyUsmani Sb. Mob: 9835775505
(Assist. Director M.O. Academy)
Jb. Haleem Ashraf Sb. Mob: 9386198026
33. DHANBAD : Al-Iqra Teacher’s Training College,
Berio, Govindpur, Dhanbad
Dr. Md. Shamim Ahmad Sb. Mob: 9334049113
(Principal) A.I.T.T.C
Dr. Saifullah Khalid Sb. Mob: 9386468776
(Secretary, A. I. T. T. C)
34. DHANBAD : Global School of India, Mob: 9835143996
Govindpur, Dhanbad
Dr. Saifullah Khalid Sb. (Director) Mob: 9386468776
Dr. Md. Shamim Ahmad Sb. Mob: 9334049113
(Principal) A.I.T.T.C
35. MADHUPUR : MadarsaIslamia, Haji Gali, Madhupur- 815353
Jb. PerwezAlam (Pappu Sb.) Mob: 9431368764
Jb. Hafeez- ul- Hasan Sb.Mob: 9430352156
(S/O- Jb. Haji Hussain Ansari Sb.Mob: 9955562786
Former Minister Minority Welfare Department. Govt. of Jharkhand.)
36. GODDA: Sir Syed Minority Urdu Middle School,
Post Martam Road, RoshanBagh, AsanBani, Godda
Dr. Masood Ahmad Sb. Mob: 9934227161
Jb. Md. Habeeb Sb. (Principal) Mob: 9122391156
37. KOLKATA : Mashrique Centre,
10/3 Tal Bagan Lane, Park Circus, Kolkata (West Bengal) – 17
(Dr. A. M.O. Ghani Memorial High School, 26- Dilkhusha Street beside Haj House, Kolkata- 17)
Jb. Shamim Ahmad Sb. Mob: 9831006786
Jb. NadeemulHaque Sb. Ph: 033-22901753
Jb. Danish Tanweer Sb. Mob: 9231507516
38.TITAGARH : Free India High School,
(Near Titagarh RLY Station)
Kolkata – 700119
Jb. Raza-ul-Abedin Sb. Mob: 0-9007348214
39. ASANSOL : Danish GahIslamia High School
Hutton Road ChamanTalab, AsansolPh: 0341-3291382
Jb. Al-HaajAbdurRauoof Sb.(Director) Mob: 09332242523
40. MALEGAON: Tahzeeb Primary School
Malegaon, Dist- Nasik
(Maharashtra) Pin code: 423203
Jb. Haji SakirAbdusSakoor Sb. Mob: 09823713930
41. DHULIA: L. M. Sardar High School, Dhulia
Jb. Altaf Ahmed Md. Ghufran Sb. 09271549488
Jb. Haji SakirAbdusSakoor Sb. Mob: 09823713930
42. JALGAON: Anglo Urdu High School, Jalgaon
Jb. GhaffarMalick Sb. (Chairman) Mob: 09370011222
Jb. Haji SakirAbdusSakoor Sb. Mob: 09823713930
43. AURANGABAD: Sarosh High School ,
Taleem Abad, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Dr. Abdul Hameed Sb. Mob: 09850687436
Zone Career Person, Marathwara zone, (SAME)
44. BHOPAL: Muslim Education and Career Promotion Society (MECAPS)
Moti Masjid Campus, Bhopal – 462001
Dr. ZafarHasan Sb. Mob: 09425018865
45. Ali Garh Center: Dept. of Chemical Engg. (AMU)
Proff. Naseem Ahmed Khan Sb, Dept. of Chemical Engg. Mob: 09411212431,
Proff. Dr. Saud Alam Qasmi Sb. Mob: 09760263695, AMU, Aligarh.
46. KANPUR: SiddiqueFaiz-e-Aam Inter College, Ph: 0512-2313823/2365106
40/200 – Makhania Bazar (Meston Road)
Kanpur – 208001
Jb. Khalid Kamal Sb. Mob: 09839907274
47.GORAKHPUR : M. S. I. Inter College
BakhshiPur, Gorkhpur- 273001
Jb. Mahiuddin Khan Sb. Mob: 09451958294
Jb. ManzoorAlam Sb. Mob: 9415853691
(Lecturer Physics Faculty)
Jb. Sibghatullah Khan Sb.Mob: 9453626021
48. NEW DELHI : M. S. Creative School Mob: 011-64559922
71/86, Main Road, Zakir Nagar
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 110025
Jb. Md. Arshad Sb. (Coordianator). Mob: 08459122096
49. DELHI : M. S. Creative School Mob: 011-64556622
2183, KuchaAqil Khan, Sitaram Bazar
Delhi – 110006
Jb. Md. Arshad Sb. (Coordianator). Mob: 08459122096
50. DELHI : M. S. Creative School Mob: 011-64557722
C- 4/88A, Yamuna Vihar
Delhi – 110053
Jb. Arshad Sb.(Coordinator) Mob: 0845912296
Exam coordinator: Progressive Muslim Education Trust Munshi manubarwala Hostel Juna Geen Road ,Near Hanumaan Tekri Rander Surat office 0261 2762685 (yahya) Contact Person : Jabir Choksi 098241 51839 Hifzurrehmaan 098790 66123
Exam Center :-
Iqbal Union High school, Opp Civil Hospital , Godhra-389001 Panchmahal
Exam Coordinator:-Mohd. Yusuf Geteli 098285-12786 C/o-Al Fazal Educational and Charitable Trust, N/R Satpul Octroi naka, Giteli Plot, Vejalpur Road, Godhra-389001 Panchmahal
2 Vadodara :
M.E.S. Girls School Gendi Gate Vadodara Contact person: Muslim Shaikh 099789 23051 A/2 Shabam Aptt . Fatehgunj Circle MSW collage Vadodara 395002
3. Surat:
Symga High School Near Sketrapal Mandeer ,Sagrampura Surat Contact Person : Sufiyan panwala 099092 73002
4. Bharuch :
Munshi manubarwala Shankul Dahej By pass Road ,Bharuch contact person: Sulemaan Patel 099747 65283 Suhel Dukandar 02642




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