Who is Mother?

Who is Mother?
Hafiz mohammad Bilal
For last so many years I`m writing colums on different topics. Usually whenever i want to write anything i can write easly but today i wanna write about mother and it is not much easy for me to find words about my mother .
There is a great respect for a women in Islam. If everyone know the true status of a women in islam even the men would want to be a woman.
I am miles away from my mother but I think she is always with me and i just realized that a few days ago when i was very disturbed but i didn`t tell anything to my parents . One day when i called my mother she said that I`m feeeling that you are in a trouble which made me surprised that how did she know that i am suffering from a problem. I asked my mom that how do you know that I am in a preblem, she said whenever you are in any kind of critical situation i couldn`t sleep in nights. And for last few nights i didn`t sleep well.
She said whenever you face any kind of dificulty in your life try to get help from Almighty Allah by praying Salah and always be patient . It is absolutly true there is not any other pure relation in this world like mother.
5th Jan was the day when i came in this world . I always forget this date but my mom call me on every 5th of Jan and make me remind that today is your date of birth.
From last few years i had been in Turky , Greece , Norway and Italy and in this period i got the great respect from people and i strongly believe that this is all because the prayers of my mother.
Keep this thing in your mind that if you want to make your Allah happy then don`t ever disobey your mother.

Muhammad Bilal

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