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The ultimate accessory for men is a tie. Stepping out in the corporate world can be risky without wearing a tie. It makes you look classy and gives an impression of the “I mean business” look. Nevertheless, you can always be a risk-taker and dare to go tie-less, while maintaining the serious persona. Before heading-on to the style guide, take a look at why and when to go without a tie. Then check out different style tips that will make you steal the show while you intend to ditch the inevitable men’s fashion accessory.

Why go tie-less?
There are numerous reasons to go tie-less. Ditching the tie can be a way to be self-expressive which should make you feel confident and bold, while knowing the art of under-dressing. Take some lessons from the French, who excel the skill of under-dressing. It isn’t as easy to champion under-dressing. Not everyone is capable to stand out by wearing something unique. So, whenever you plan to skip one keep in mind what you may or may not express about your overall personality.

When or when not to ditch the tie?
Workplace attire
If your workplace attire comprises of a suit and tie, and everyone follows the strict dressing policy, it’s recommended not to ditch the tie. In a workplace with dress codes, trying to be self-expressive can get you in trouble and appear as rebellion.
Formal events
It’s better to be dressed with a tie on when attending a formal event like a wedding. Do not try to stand out by wearing something different, as this can ruin your host’s celebration by setting eyes on you.

Jobinterview attire
Job interview’s are serious matters. There are strict rules and guidelines that are simple and clear enough to be applied here. Do not even think of taking risks here, be your best version. Knowing your job is good, but it is equally important how you appear at your job interview. Going for a corporate job, choose a well tailored suit with a tie. If you are going for a job that is not very dress-code centric, opt for an ironed crisp shirt. Check the workplace out and observe the dress code, you may bump into some useful hints.

Red carpet, parties or opening events
Parties, red carpets and opening events are a great opportunity to go tie-less. Such events allow one to be as creative as they can with their attires. People will remember you for your unique dressing sense. Just make sure you don’t go overboard while trying to look different.
Creative working environment/ business meeting
You have the liberty of breaching the corporate etiquette, if you work in a creative industry or if you aim to appear creative, being a tie-less person in room filled with stiff and chocked colleagues give you an extra edge. You need to remember to be completely sure and have confidence in the way you look; otherwise you may end up looking like an idiot who forgot to don the tie.

Here are some tips to help skip the neck-stiffing tie in a stylish and modern way, read on to find which suits you best.
No tie means “no tie”. You will only have worn a shirt and trousers. This will give you a comfortable edge. Although, you have to keep in mind, if you are not wearing a tie, everything else you’re wearing will be noticed in detail. Opt for a crisp, well-tailored shirt and add some great accessories like good shoes.
Opt for an alternative neck wear
A bandana, scarf or a cravat gathered around the neck will restore the accessorising feature of a conventional neck tie. They would convey an entirely different message. You will either portray a “bohemian” or a “playboy” look and definitely not a pro one. Owning this kind of look takes practice, learn how to master the art and never look back.
Go buttoned-up
Try maintaining a refined and sharp appearance, while keeping the tie away. You can keep your shirt completely buttoned up which can result as a nominal move and draw attention towards your tie-less attire. This look can appear great, if you opt for black with the rest of your attire including accessories.
Wear a casual polo or t-shirt
It may look rebel, or even bold. It is suitable to choose classic neutral staples instead of going overboard with prints and bold colours, which merely draw unwanted attention.

Style guide for going Tie-less

Follow this style guide for skipping the tie while looking all serious and coherent.
Three day stubble can enhance the reframing effect of a tie-less shirt. Make sure it’s a three day stubble, if not it’ll make you look quite scruffy.
Try different hairstyles. Pick a less refined hairstyle and make all the eyes swoon.
If the weather favours, don’t wear socks and let your bare ankles brag about your neck’s look.
If you are into casual accessories, wear a pendant/necklace which usually sits behind the collar, but make sure it’s visible, otherwise there’s no point in wearing one.

Final word
Few simple style guidelines and you are good-to-go! Flaunt your confident tie-less demeanour and make

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