Mother and child multicultural function held in Askim city

A function was held in Askim city centre at the football Club for women and children.

Women and children from different backgrounds and different countries like, Pakistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Russia and Palestine participated in the program.

The Norwegians mothers appreciated and encouraged this type of function.

The program was organized by the multicultural women group. They were three in the organizer’s team. Shazia Andleeb was leading the multicultural team of organizers. The other two team members were Salma and Nosheen from Askim city. Aim of the program was to contribute positive integration and variable cultural values towards the local Norwegian society.

To achieve our purpose multicultural group organized different activities, and competitions between the children’s groups and between the mothers and their children.  All the small children and the winners received gifts and the gift cards. All the program expenditure was contributed by the multicultural group organizers team.

The participant women brought their cultural dishes.  They were almost fifty women and children who participated in this function. The party program was divided into three parts. In the first part children presented individually, different songs Nasheed, and jokes. The songs were in Urdu, and Arabic languages. The children and the groups were holding Norwegian flags and their national flags while singing the songs.

In the second part of the program all the guests enjoyed eating various delicious cultural food items from various countries. During the food break, table was full of various cultural food items spreading amazing fragrances. The various tasty food items enhanced its attraction. All the guests enjoyed the tasty food.

During the last part of the party the guests participated the competitions of bottle catching, quiz about Askim city and musical chairs. Everyone took part and enjoyed fully. The guests encouraged the children and mothers participating in the competitions. At the end of every competition prizes were distributed among the winners.

The program guests gave positive feedback about the function and wished to continue such occasions in the future also.

اپنا تبصرہ لکھیں