paris incident, and muslims “پیرس کا واقعہ اورمسلمان

paris incident, and muslims ”

    on that night I was really tired, so I slept early. when I woke up and logged in to facebook  I came to know the blood war played in  paris last night , due to which nearly 200 people died. I get very shocked and I was upset too. the DAISH commonly known as ISIS  accepted the horrendous attack. lots of people on facebook are putting the flag of france on their facebook profile as to show the solidarity as well as some of the people are criticising that today hundreds of innocent  people are brutally  killing in IRAQ,AFGANISTAN,SYRIA,PALESTINE,PAKISTAN and KASHMIR ,but nobody make their profiles on facebook ,not they condemned this on roads ,they don’t highlighted  this issue .up to certain extent they are right but we should remember that we are muslims and the first lesson islam teaches us is HUMANITY. islam condemned the killing of innocent people doesn’t matter they muslims or was also a very tragic incident happened in PESHAWAR killing about 141 people, and was also very sad when bomb shelled in IRAQ,PALESTINE and SYRIA . and we also feeling sorry for killing of innocent people in PARIS. because I am one of the lover of my beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD {PBUH) whose main messege was peace. no doubt muslims who are settled in Europe will have to face a lot of problem concerning this issue.and I am sure those who did this they don’t have any relation neither with islam nor with humanity, because islam is so much peacefull religion that messenger of  ALLAH , HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) when he send his companion for battle , he ordered them remember not to give pain to any kid , women and older people , and  HE also said those who saved the life of a innocent it means he saved the whole humanity , and those who killed one innocent it means he killed the whole humanity. these people don’t have any link with islam , infact these people are giving badnames to islam. today whole Europe are under this panic and muslims all around the world are also condemning this outrageous incident. but today like the whole world   are together with FRANCE they should get together when the same thing happened to imuslims. I am very upset and very sad and thinking about those mothers who lost their kids , thinking about those womens who lost their husbands and those girls who lost their brothrers , anyway this incident is really condemnedable                   Muhammad  BILAL

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