By Nisaar NadiadwalaI visited Malad after ten years. It’s a crowded suburb of North Mumbai, dominated by Marwaris, Gujaratis and Punjabis . I was busy counting  no less than 20 coaching classes within few buildings, offering rich courses like C.A. IELTS, HIGH SCHOOL COACHING etc. There were few food joints crowded by rich and middle-class students eating affordable prices burgers.

The next day I surveyed Jogeshwari, my suburb. It’s a Muslim dominated place.  On the entire belt of just three hundred meters , there are 7 huge marriage halls, booked months advance, ten expensive restaurants crowded by middle-class families and people standing in  queue on weekend evenings. THERE IS NOT A SINGLE COACHING CLASS NOR A NATIONAL LEVEL ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL.  Out side Jogeshwari, is Andheri, full of malls. If you visit them, you will find them crowded by Muslim boys selling jeans or second hand mobiles.  Most of them are drop outs. Brilliant looking boys massacring their own careers by ignoring Education are very common in our society.

Our money is going in a wrong direction. The Muslims have started a new way of spending time and money in place of theaters. Expensive restaurants are our new craze. Massive weddings have become our resorts where over sized budgeted food and clothes are displayed widely, just for a glory of few hours.

It’s time to check our accounts and see where the money of our community goes. Is it spent? Is it invested ? Is it blown away? Or thrown away? Check your own account books and conclude.

Author Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala



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