Is ” Depression ” just a state of mind ?

Writer: Muhammad Sadaruddin Shah

A thread: O my dear, unique, one in a billions ,priceless 
& one of a kind fellow being ,a soul 
( who is wearing this body).
What has happened to you?
Is everything around you all right?
Why are you very much preoccupied all the time?
What are you desperately looking for?
It's all right, no worries.
Relax !
Please sit down !
Now, let's think about what you think, 
why do you think & 
let's see if it's really you who thinks, he thinks.
Let's ponder on & find out the reason
 which makes you dissatisfied
Let's observe if it's only you who is in trouble?
Is it only you who is depressed ?
Is it only you who is struggling & 
making a lot of efforts to live?
Is it only you who wants to become other than
 what you already are?
Is it only you who wants to achieve as 
much as possible in a short span of life?
Is it only you who is scared of losing 
what you are going to leave sooner or later, 
one day or the other?
Is it only you who is afraid of not being able
 to be a billionaire in this temporary life?
Let's look hard to make sure if it's only you 
who is oblivious of this basic philosophy of life, 
which is  "When this life is temporary, 
everything connected to this life is temporary"
We are here for a while to experience every adventure,
situation emotion & to taste every taste.
You are here to see this wonderful miraculous
 infinite & creative beautiful world.
You are an honored guest & 
a traveler who does not belong to this place/earth, 
just passing through it.
You are on a full paid/sponsored trip.
You are not here to gain or lose anything
You are not here to be successful or a failure
Nothing belongs to you, not even this body.
You have come here from somewhere else,
from another world , an entirely different place
where there is no concept of time & space.
An ECHO . . . .
Come, O my dear sweet fellow !
Come & watch yourself, 
if it is only you who doesn't realize that 
your desires are your problems?
Is it only you who is wasting time is desiring
 all day & all night?
Is it only you who is not living for the moment?
Can we clearly see now,
O my dear self?
The answer is a very BIG NO
O dear,
Come fast & witness yourself !
It's not only you who is worried, 
your spouse is also worried
Your kids are full of worries too
Your rich fellows are tensed & 
your poor fellows are out of their minds too
Taxi Drivers & fruit sellers
Everywhere you go & talk,
Every single person you meet everyday is restless,
 sleepless, not satisfied & happy or at ease
Is it coincidence?
Think . . . will you?
You know why not?
Because we have no time to think &
 be grateful for this one time opportunity 
we have been given to exist.
You lose nothing & you gain nothing.
Its just an illusion as we are dreaming about
 a dream in our dream.
Stop making a lot of efforts to live & 
start living before you leave.
Think different, feel different.
Depression is nothing but a state of mind.
Know thyself to know thy Lord!
اپنا تبصرہ لکھیں