Ghazala Shaheen, head of the Inter -Cultural Woman Group, received a certificate of honor from (EMI) Organization.

Ghazala Shaheen, the head of the Inter Cultural Woman Group, at a conference held at the Oper House in Oslo on Thursday evening
(Goodwill Embassidor) obtained a certificate. This certificate was given to her for her organization’s best performance and teamwork with other organizations, especially with EMI.
The conference was held at the Opera House by the EMI organization. The heads of more than ten organizations participated in the conference with their groups. Was based on the steps.
Members of all the organizations expressed the issue. The EMI organization also awarded two more organizations to the high performance award in which one was given a certificate to the Polish organization while the other award was given to the head of the Rabia Organization. The head of the organization Kobra said that her organization has been engaged in welfare work in Oslo for the last twenty -five years. Now it has been working on a project to make shelter homes for poor and deserving women in Pakistan as well.
After the conference, Opera’s magnificent building was visited. It was very fun and exciting for everyone. The report will be presented soon in the service of Qian.
After a tour of the building, the Amy organization gave all the participants a banquet in a nearby restaurant. After the dismissal, all the participants were shown a stage show from the Black Theater in Opera, which was based on the main idea about discrimination in Norway with black people in past. .
Source: urdualaknewsdesk

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