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  1. amjad sahab bahot achy poet hain aur mulk sey bahot piyaar kerty hain i wish k ye mulk mein jahalat khatam kerne keliy kuch kerin jo abi tak kisi adeeb nahi kia … aj kal jo halaat hain aur jis tarf humari new nasal ja rahi hai humarey adeenon ko kuch krna hoga……

  2. Salaams,
    I am just back from Hajj. Our relegion is not about Tabligh but about Tamseel. We need not preecher but examplinary charactor. Holy prophet PBUH set an example of truth and custodian before preeching. We need to set an example what is the charactor of a muslim. A humble cooperative and helpful person. Your article is very good and the only solution to our nation is in education but we need to understand the meaning of education and training too to avoid the misconcept of education with employeement. Regards. Iqbal

اپنا تبصرہ لکھیں