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 Selected by Sufian Zia Put a small piece of celery in the soil and let it stand for 10 days Lisa Dyremyhr Bakke Remains of fruit and vegetables can easily end up in the trash, but it is deleted no reason. Reuse it either and create your own little vegetable garden, writes Dagens.dk. YouTube channel Veggietorials has created a guide ...

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The exceptional leak of 11.5m files and 2.6 terabytes of information from the database of the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca known as panama papers oblige us to learn and know more about its topology and political history? In my early childhood days the legendary Panama I was aware of, was refreshing goodness, soothing mildness a golden ...

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WHERE DOES THE MUSLIMS' MONEY GO? By Nisaar NadiadwalaI visited Malad after ten years. It's a crowded suburb of North Mumbai, dominated by Marwaris, Gujaratis and Punjabis . I was busy counting  no less than 20 coaching classes within few buildings, offering rich courses like C.A. IELTS, HIGH SCHOOL COACHING etc. There were few food joints crowded by rich and ...

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Allamah Iqbal Seminar


7th  November 2015 Islamic Christian Study Centre. Copenhagen   Reform in modern Islamic thought - Iqbal as a resource   Bashy Quraishy Inter-cultural consultant and Chief Editor – Media Watch.   Iqbal Academy Scandinavia is a respected organisation that has connections and admirers all over the world. It is the brainchild of Mr. Gulam Sabir, a known patron of Iqbaliat ...

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Romantic Sunset in Santorini

       i often say to my friends that my one mother is in PAKISTAN  and second one is in GREECE.yes, the muslim mosque  and center islamic from GREECE            its like my mother. and also one of my teacher  MUTAWASAT ALI he helped me in every aspects of my life  , he is currently the president of thais mosqu. he told ...

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zaib Mahsud selected from MAG specially for handsome guys The ultimate accessory for men is a tie. Stepping out in the corporate world can be risky without wearing a tie. It makes you look classy and gives an impression of the “I mean business” look. Nevertheless, you can always be a risk-taker and dare to go tie-less, while maintaining the ...

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Here are 25 reasons that you shouldn't throw away those lemon peels!


Here are 25 reasons that you shouldn't throw away those lemon peels! 1. Make an All-Purpose Cleaner You can use lemon peels and vinegar to make a great and all-natural all-purpose cleaner. Do this by filling a container withlemon peels. Add in vinegar to cover thepeels and seal with a tight-fitting lid. Put the container away and forget about it for ...

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اخبار پر تلی ہوئی اشیاء رکھنے سے کینسر کا خطرہ


Here’s why you should STOP using newspapers to blot oil from deep fried foods. You must be  using  this practice. However, did you know that eating food kept in newspapers can cause cancer? Deep fried food is unhealthy as it is, and using newspapers to blot the oil just ups the inhealthy quotient. Haven’t you observed how ink gets transferred from the newspaper ...

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