Our media is making too much about tax on sugar and oil!

Slected by Fouzia Waheed

Our media is making too much about tax on sugar and oil!
I think it’s good as both are bad for health, specially refined sugar.
High tax on sugar would promote use of gurr in our food instead of refined sugar.

The increased demand in gurr would give incentive to farmers to make more gurr instead of waiting for sugar mill owners to take their sugar canes for refined sugar.
Importing sugar should be taxed very high.

As for Electricity:
There should be
Daytime rates, cheaper to be used mostly for factories and production.

After dark rates: should be four times high.

The offices and shopping plazas and shops should open early at 8.00 and close by six, taking advantage of sunlight.

Right now most shops remain shut till the afternoon and stay open till late into the night wasting electricity as if we have too much of it.

This way people’s habits would change, they would start to wake up at Fajir, finish work and be home by 6.00 to have an early supper and sleep early, to save the costly After Dark rates of electricity.
Early to bed and early to rise would improve their mental and physical health as well.

Please help by spreading this message on all social media and help bring the Change!
Naya Pakistan

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